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IMELDA in the Media

Articles / books  about or mentioning Speaking of IMELDA


Forthcoming 2018: Kate Antosik-Parsons, "A Body is a Body: The embodied politics of women's sexual and reproductive rights in contemporary Irish art and visual culture". Chapter in edited book on Globalization and Reproductive Rights published by Taylor and Francis

Niamh NicGhabhann (2018): ‘City walls, bathroom stalls and tweeting the

Taoiseach: the aesthetics of protest and the campaign for abortion rights in the Republic of Ireland,’ Journal of Media and Cultural Studies:


Judith Orr ‘Abortion Wars: The Fight for Reproductive Rights’ (2017) Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Fletcher, R., Ashiagbor, D., Barker, N. et al. ‘Wench Tactics? Openings in Conditions of Closure,’ Feminist Legal Studies (2017).


Laura Silver, ‘Ireland Just Reached a Milestone in its Fight to Legalise Abortion’ Buzzfeed News (24 April 2017):


Des O’ Driscoll, ‘A Question of Taste: Siobhan McSweeney’ The Irish Examiner (26 January 2017):

Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. – Direct Action Feminist Performance Group – Produced by the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 (Ran from 10 September 2016 to 26 February 2017):

Danielle Pender,  “‘Repeal’: The Women Fighting Ireland’s Abortion Laws” Feature on Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. in Riposte Magazine Issue 7 (pp.126-131)

Amanda Ocasio, ‘The X-ile Project Helps Ireland to “Face the 8th”’, Queen’s Free Press (30 June 2016):


Makers Team, ‘Meet the Women Fighting Northern Ireland’s Abortion Ban’, Makers (16 June 2016):


Rosin Kiebard, ‘What happens when you wear a pro-choice jumper around Dublin’, Refinery 29, (7th June 2016)


Grainne Gillis ‘Fail Better’ Huffington Post (28/03/2016):

Kathryn Snowdon, ‘London’s Feminist Library Faces Shutting Down after 30 Years of History’ Huffington Post (19/03/2016):

Illustration titled ‘Herstory in the Making’ in Scene and Heard Section of Private Eye, (March 2016)

Hannah Al-Othman ‘ Pro-choice Activists Protest in London over Northern Ireland woman’s abortion trial, The Evening Standard, (15th January 2016) –(protest attended by Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. members):

Goretti Horgan and Nina Lakhani, ‘Pregnant, in danger and scared to speak: Abortion laws and social stigma in El Salvador and Ireland’ in Index on Censorship, December 2016 issue (pp. 29-33)

Are We There Yet? –A Study Room Guide on Live Art and Feminism published by Live Art Development Agency London, curated by Lois Weaver in collaboration with Eleanor Roberts (2015):  


Live Art and Feminism in the UK Exhibition, curated by the Live Art Development Agency, London in partnership with the Google Cultural Institute, December 2015:


Roisin Kiebard ‘Meet the Women Fighting for Abortion Rights in Ireland’ Refinery 29 (24 November 2015):


Treasa O’Brien ‘Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A.’ Visual Artists Ireland (published July 21st 2014):


Carolina de Assis, ‘Falando de I.M.E.L.D.A. e da criminalização do aborto na Irlanda’ UOL (20/05/2014):


Mara Clarke – ‘Ireland’s Abortion Laws Continue to Harm Women’ Rewire News (June 13, 2014):


Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. is featured on the 100 days of Activism blog:


 Press in response to our actions

Action: On Referendum Road - Speaking of IMELDA's road trip during the 2018 referendum campaign in the Republic of Ireland

In Focus Ann Rossiter Northern Visions TV :


Deidre Duffy, ‘What the new global pro-choice movements can teach politics’ The Conversation, 12 July 2018:


Blog by Helena Walsh based on her presentation at the Border Patrollers event at the Live Art Development Agency as part of Aine Phillips’ Future Histories Project


Amanda Ocasio, ‘Choice in Ireland is No Longer a Crime: Republic of Ireland Repeals its Eight Amendment’, Queens Free Press, 27 May 2018:

Siobhan Morrin, ‘Why Ireland is More Likely Than Ever Before Vote to Change Abortion Laws’ Time Magazine, 24th May 2018:

Yann Perreau, ‘La lutte pleine d'humour du collectif “Speaking of Imelda” pour dépénaliser l’IVG en Irlande’ Les Inrockupticles, 25 May 2018 (online and print):


Speaking of IMELDA, ‘On the Road to the Referendum,’ Red Pepper Magazine, 24 May 2018:


Rachel Watters, ‘Performing Repeal: How Comedians Are Tackling Ireland’s Abortion Vote,’ Dazed and Confused, 23 May 2018:


Katie Binns, ‘The Secret Network that Helped Women Secure Safe Abortions’, The Times, 19 May 2018 – online content includes film feature (you can access for free by registering). Article and was printed in the Irish edition of The Times :


Ann Rossiter, ‘Will it Be Repeal or Retain? The Irish Referendum on Abortion,’ History Workshop, 16 May 2018:


Performing Borders Newsletter 14th May 2018:

Our referendum videos were featured in the monthly newsletter of this project on  Live Art, Crossings and Europe.


Mairead Enright, ‘Watching Women’s History in the Irish Pro-Choice Referendum’ Critical Legal Thinking, 4 May 2018:

Action: Solidarity with Sister Supporter at gathering outside Ealing Town Hall Council Meeting in which a motion to prevent harassment of those visiting Mattock Lane Clinic was successfully passed (10th October 2017)


Niamh McIntyre, ‘Landmark Vote Will Stop Anti-Abortion Protestors Form Harassing Women’ Broadly Vice (11 October 2017)


Action: ‘This is Not Wonderland’ at March for Choice Dublin 2017 and solidarity demo outside the Irish Embassy, London (30th September 2017)


Laura Silver, ‘This Is How Feminists In London Showed Support For Women Who Travel from Ireland to England Have Abortions’ Buzzfeed (30th September 2017)


Action: Appearance as the ‘Risen Rebels’ at the March for Choice Dublin 2016 (24th September 2016)


Mark O’Reagan, ‘Fine Gael risks losing seats as Kenny ‘ignores women’ over abortion laws’ The Irish Independent (25th September 2016) - featured in video accompanying online article:


Ciaran D’arcy ‘“Trust women to make the right choice” protestors say,’ The Irish Times (25th September 2016) - featured in video and lead picture accompanying online article:



Clodagh Finn, ‘“This is our Rising” : pro-choice voices heard all over the world’ The Irish Examiner (25th September 2016) - featured in video accompanying online article:


Picture of Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. on the front page of The Sunday Times (25th September 2016) (print version)


Featured in the RTE News coverage of the March for Choice (aired on 24th September 2016):


Action: Coordinated ‘Knicker-Bombing’ of Public Sites (25th June 2016)


Radio Kerry ‘Pro-choice Activists ‘knicker-bomb’ Tralee Court House (27th June 2016):


Sligo Today ‘Pro-choice activists ‘knicker bomb’ Sligo’ (27th June 2016):


Action: 2016 St. Patrick’s Day dressed as 1916 women and recalling 2015 GPO action:


Sadhbh Walshe, ‘The Sisterhood of the Easter Rising,’ New York Times, 16 March 2106:


Action: The Renunciation, Kings Cross / St. Pancras (St. Bridget’s Day 2016):


Dan Buckley, ‘St. Bridget’s Day Events Highlight Ireland’s Restrictive Abortion Regime’ Irish Examiner (2nd February 2016):


Action: Homecoming (20th December 2015), Dublin Airport and Dublin City Centre in collaboration with the Choicemas Carol Singers:


Words of Choice Blog, ‘Irish Holiday Greeters are Wishing for Safe and Legal Abortion’ (23 December 2015):


Action: The Rogue Rose of Tralee, Action in Tralee, Kerry, (15th August 2015):


Anthea McTiernan, ‘Pro-choice group stage ‘Rogue Rose of Tralee Pageant,’ Irish Times (August 17 2015):


Irish Times video, ‘The Rogue Rose of Tralee aims to highlight abortion issues’:


Anthea McTiernan, ‘Rose of Tralee – ‘Occupying a weird place in our psyche’ Irish Times (Tuesday August 18th, 2015):


Una Mullally, ‘Una Mullally’s 2015: Beauty in the Eye of the Placard Holder’ Irish Times: (Sat, Dec 19, 2015):


Action: March For Choice Dublin (September 2015) – Speech Dressed as Bishops


Una Mullally, ‘Shifting Ground’, Granta: The Magazine of New Writing (25th May 2016):


Mairead Enright – ‘The Importance of they Women-y Fringe-Y Excesses of Irish Pro-Choice Activism’ Human Rights in Ireland (November 13 2015):


Action: GPO, Dublin (Easter Monday, April 2015):


Anthea McTiernan, ‘GPO: Women in Chains Proclaim ‘Ownership of our own bodies’ Irish Times, (7th April, 2015):


Action: St. Patricks Day London 2015 (15th March 2015):


‘An Irish feminist group stopped the London St Patrick’s Day parade’ The Journal (March 16th 2015)

Action: Homecoming– on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin and outside The Dail, Dublin (20th December 2014):


‘Pro-choice Activists Tie giant pair of knickers to the Dail gates’ The Journal  (Dec 21st 2014):


Action: Knicker-bombing of Taoiseach Enda Kenny, London (3rd October 2014):


Emer O’Toole, ‘Ireland’s Election Result is no stepping stone to abortion rights: It’s a roadblock’ The Guardian (March 9th, 2016):


Sorcha Pollak– Irish women’s Repeal the 8th tweets to Taoiseach Enda Kenny go viral Irish Times (7th November 2015):


Eamonn McCann, ‘Pro-Life Zealots a minority who need challenged’ Belfast Telegraph (8th October, 2014):


‘Women’s Group Air Enda’s Dirty Laundry’ The Irish World (7th October 2014):


‘Protestors Give Prime minister Panties at Fundraiser’ The Washington Post , (6th October 2014):


Jane Walsh, ‘Irish Leader Knicker-bombed by Abortion Protestors,’ Irish Central (5th October 2014):


‘Women Who Knickerbombed Enda Kenny: We had lots of Support’ (5th October 2014):


Neil Fetherston, ‘Women praised for Knicker-bombing Enda Kenny’ The Sunday World (5th October 2014):


Jerome Reilly,  ‘Taoiseach briefly gets Knickers in a Twist as fundraiser is Hijacked by Rights Group’ Irish Independent (5th October 2014):


Máiréad Enright , ‘Sparing Enda’s Blushes. Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. and #knickersforchoice’ Human Rights in Ireland (October 4th 2014): <


Garreth Macnamee, Claire Healy ‘Watch the astonishing moment Enda Kenny is served up knickers by furious Pro-choice protestors’ Irish Mirror (4th October 2014):


Fionnan Sheahan and Sam Griffin  ‘Women’s Group Slap Knickers up on Taoiseach’s Plate’ Irish Independent (4/ October 2014):


 ‘Watch Irish leader Enda Kenny Squirm as pro-choice activists interrupt gala dinner to serve him pants’ Daily Record (4th October 2014):


Ronan McGreevy ‘Taoiseach handed ‘8th Amendment Knickers’ Irish Times (4th October 2014):


Neil Markey, Prochoice Activists Confront Taoiseach at Fundraiser (4th October 2014):


Action: The Quiet Woman – campaign video for Knickers for Choice Campaign (September 2014):


Una Mullally, ‘Don’t lean in, barge in: Why it’s time to stop being so polite about abortion’ The Irish Times (3rd November 2014):


Performance Art Faction Box Set and Digital Archive by ]performance s p a c e[, London:


Action: March for Choice, Dublin -  with knickers for choice (September 2014):


Union Solidarity Movement:

Vice News – Debate over Abortion Ban Rages on In Ireland:


 In video footage of The Irish Times:


Action: Silenced Screams – Demo Outside the Irish Embassy, London (20th August 2014) to protest treatment of Ms Y / Migrant X:

‘Ireland’s Abortion Laws: Religion, History and Impact on Today’s Society’ Voice of Russia UK, (23 August 2014) – podcast:


Action: Intervention of Minister for Health, Jermey Hunt’s ‘advice surgery’, Sainsbury’s supermarket, Farnham (May 24th 2014):


Henry Bodkin, ‘See Jeremy Hunt Ambushed by pro-abortion protesters’ Get Surrey Newspaper (30th May 2014):


Action: Interventions during State Visit of Irish President Michael D. Higgins in London (8th and 10th April 2014):

‘A 'United' Kingdom? Disparity in abortion legislation between Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) blogspot (Thursday 17th April, 2014):


‘President Higgins Hails “memorable” State Visit’ Irish News (11th of April 2014):


 ‘President Higgins Hails “memorable” State Visit’ RTE News

(Thursday 10th of April 2014):


 James Ward, ‘Ceiliuradh: Michael D Higgins at a Right royal Do’ Irish Mirror (10th April 2014):


‘President greeted by Prince of Wales at Irish Embassy’ Irish Times (Tuesday 8th April 2014):


Lise Hand, ‘President Higgins meets Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle’ Irish Independent (8th of April 2014):


Deaglán de Bréadún ‘President Higgins meets the Prince of Wales at Irish Embassy’ Irish Post (April 8th 2014):


Jeanne Rathbone, ‘IMELDA- Ireland making England the Legal Destination for Abortion and President Higgins visit.’ Sheelanagig (April 10th   2014):

‘Meanwhile a the Irish Embassy, London’ Broadsheet  (9th April 2014):


Action: March 16th Action (St. Patrick’s Day Parade London):


 ‘They're Not Marjorettes’ The Broadsheet (18th March, 2014):


‘Performance Artists IMELDA see red in restrictions on abortion’ Words of Choice Blog (31 March 2014):


Action: International Women’s Day - Interruption of the Dissonant Voices Conference at Camden Irish Centre London (March 8th 2014):


‘Meanwhile at the Camden Irish Centre’ The Broadsheet (11th March 2014):


Camden Community radio : Podcast of interview with Imelda members after Camden Irish Centre protest (starts 6.55) (17th March 2014):


Lisa Hallgarten, ‘Innovative protestors shed light on "abortion tourism’ Reproductive Health Matters (March 2014):


Andy McSmith, 'Andy McSmith's Diary: In office but not in power: curious case of Andrew Mitchell ' The Independent Newspaper (11th March 2014)


Paul F. Donovan, ‘Frank Cottrell Boyce sidelined by "cabin crew" at faith conference,’ Paul F. Donovan blogspot (11th March 2014):


Hugh Muir, ‘Hugh Muir Diary: Keep it under your hat. PM Dave Dogg's in da hood,’ The Guardian (10th March 2014):

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